Saturday Church Nights

Church Night every Saturday night. Get your church group together, youth, families, invite other churches or a combination of all of these to join together for a fun filled night of skiing, snowboarding and snowtubing.

Minimum group size: 15 (includes skiers, snowboarders & tubers)group rentals
Advance reservations are required, please fill out reservation form below (space is limited each Saturday night)
Group check in times begin at 4 pm

Ticket for skiing, snowboarding and tubing: $20
(That’s right, you ski, snowboard and tube. See details below.)
Equipment Rental: $20
FREE Starter Lesson for Skiing or Snowboarding
(lesson time is 6 pm, prior check in in Ski School office required)

Skiing & Boarding & Tubing

Participants may switch from skiing and snowboarding to snowtubing or visa versa. The switch may only be made once per night and ski boots are not allowed on the tubing hill for safety reasons. We do need a count of how many will begin skiing and snowboarding and how many will be starting out snowtubing.

Outdoor movies, bonfires and more every Saturday night!

NOTE: The tubing hill closes at 8 pm so plan accordingly.

Note: For each group of 15 or more paid participants the leader will receive a free ticket.

Want the tubing hill all to yourselves for a private event?
Available for 50 or more, Monday thru Thursday evenings.

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Save time and hassel

Pre-print and fill out tubing release and bring it with you