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Powder Ridge Chalet, Kimball, MN

Powder Ridge has been hosting weddings and receptions for over 20 years.

We feature a beautiful facility with an amazing view and a staff that is eager to help make your wedding a special day to remember.

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320-398-7200 ext. 14

Laura Frank – Wedding & Events Coordinator

We just wanted to say that Powder Ridge gave us the best wedding ceremony/reception that we could have ever asked for. You were so great every step of the way with all of my never ending questions, and Powder Ridge is more than accommodating with many things that a lot of other venues lack. Such as bringing in our own snacks, rearranging tables, coming in the following monday to clean up, bringing in our own lunch, giving us leftovers, etc. I don’t know if a lot of people realize that that is not how most venues work. The best thing about having our wedding at Powder Ridge was that Powder Ridge was so flexible with everything, and truly wanted to meet all of our wants and needs for our special day.  The staff that worked the day of our wedding were also all so kind and helpful. They were all prompt to help whenever I had any questions or needed anything. Thank you and thanks to the rest of the staff of Powder Ridge for helping us have the wedding of our dreams. THANK YOU SO MUCH and good luck with the upcoming ski season.

Nicole and Corey