Your Responsibility Code

Hitting the slopes requires personal awareness and common sense to help reduce the risks in snowsports. The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) believes education, helmet use, respect, and common sense are very important when cruising down the mountain.

Before enjoying the slopes, please review and become familiar with Your Responsibility Code.

Your Responsibility Code Includes:

  1.  Always stay in control. You must be able to stop or avoid people or objects.
  2.  People ahead or downhill of you have the right-of-way. You must avoid them.
  3.  Stop only where you are visible from above and do not restrict traffic.
  4.  Look uphill and avoid others before starting downhill or entering a trail.
  5.  You must prevent runaway equipment.
  6.  Read and obey all signs, warnings, and hazard markings.
  7.  Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas.
  8.  You must know how and be able to load, ride and unload lifts safely. If you need assistance, ask the lift attendant.
  9.  Do not use lifts or terrain when impaired by alcohol or drugs.
  10.  If you are involved in a collision or incident, share your contact information with each other and a ski area employee.



Slopes Policy

All skiers/snowboarders/snowtubers are required to purchase a lift ticket and sign a liability waiver to be on the slopes.

Parents helping a child learn to ski/snowboard are allowed to walk alongside the child on the Teacher’s Pet run without a lift ticket. If you have equipment on, then a lift ticket is required!

Spectators are allowed on the snow but are required to remain at the base of the slopes. Spectators are responsible for staying clear of all skiers/snowboards/snowtubers.

Equipment Allowed: All ski and snowboard equipment used on the slopes must have a metal edge and bindings, such as skis, snowboards, and ski blades. We do not allow snow skates, ski bikes, or ski skateboards on the slopes.


We do not allow large accessories to be worn while on a lift/rope tow. This includes, but is not limited to; child carriers, backpacks, and purses.


Alcohol policy at Powder Ridge:

  • No one under 21 will be served – we I.D. everyone, no exceptions!
  • Any alcohol consumed here must be purchased from Powder Ridge.
  • Alcohol may only be consumed at the base of the slopes or in the buildings- not on the lifts or on-hill.
  • Do not over consume – intoxication leads to poor judgement and will result in a revoked lift ticket with no refund.
  • We do appreciate everyone that enjoys a drink responsibly! Thank you!

Smoking policy at Powder Ridge:

Smoking is permitted in our designated smoking area for anyone of the legal age. Designated smoking areas are located outside at the north end of the main chalet and the parking lot.

Smoking is prohibited inside buildings, on the slopes or near main entrance doors, including any e-cig or vaping products.

All marijuana products, including smokless, are prohibited on Powder Ridge property.


Pets are only allowed in our parking lot and must not pose any hardship on other Powder Ridge guests. Pets must always be on a leash or in your vehicle, and you must clean up after the pet. Only exception is for service animals.


Additional Resources To Review
Learn more about the importance of wearing a helmet.  See videos for more information.
Talk to your children about lift safety.  Review the safety tips on how to load, ride and unload a lift responsibly.  As well as just general skiing and riding tips. This education is not only meant for children, but adults as well! 

SmartStyle  – Park Smart – Terrain Park Safety
Know the four main points of enjoying freestyle terrain:
1. Make a plan.
2. Look before you leap.
3. Easy style it.
4. Respect gets respect.